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Dear Friends, Welcome To This Youtube Search Engine Optimization Tutorial (Video SEO Tutorial). A important and initial step is to determine the demand and needs for your Youtube Video.
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I volunteered to do this My Friend Daniel. I love doing it for him my friend. I hope this would be helpful to him. Its my dream and inspiration to help and support people whom I like know, like and trust You.

The key part of this strategy has to do with using google trends to see if there are upward, downward or neutral trends. But then, it is a an ever – changing world with twists and plots. Therefore, I would say, open your options to try out as many possibilities as possible.

If you do not find any trends from You can use to do your keyword research. Stay tuned for my next video series where I try to check the demand and search volume for the keyword.

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Have a lovely time watching videos below. !! Cheers !!!
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