Lingerie Success Podcast Episode 8 – How to Dominate Local SEO As a Lingerie Retailer

In the eighth episode of the Lingerie Success podcast, Kris Cardona, Angel Gallegos, and Katie Donnelly share ways to dominate local SEO as a lingerie retailer.

Small business owners must have at least a basic understanding of SEO if they want to succeed online today. [00:01-05:10]

Questions Answered:
What is SEO?

What is SEO optimization?
Your customers are using Google search to find local businesses and solutions to their problems. These searches can drive significant traffic to your website. [05:11-10:16]

Question Answered:
Why do I need to understand and use SEO?

By applying SEO to your pages, you’ll have a better chance of showing up in people’s searches. This is a great way to drive business to your store. [10:17-13:26]

Questions Answered:
How can local SEO drive business to my store?

How can I increase my SEO ranking?
We share our best tips for incorporating SEO on your website and a favorite resource (link below in Resources). [13:27-20:32]

Questions Answered:
What are 3 easy ways to incorporate SEO on my website?

Where can I find out more about SEO and optimization?
As Kris shares, “[SEO] is an investment because it will drive residual benefits for your business. It is a crucial piece to your marketing plan and significantly impacts your consumer research and buying cycles. It can also leverage social sharing and ultimately help your consumers find you and your business.” [21:07-25:58]

Question Answered:
What are some final thoughts on SEO?

Homework and Question of the Day [22:48-26:52]


Actionable tasks for a successful week.

Claim your listings.

Use an SEO tool like Moz or SEMRush to determine 3 keywords to incorporate on your website. These 3 keywords should speak to your USPs and have a low competition rate. Don’t be afraid to use long tail keywords, like “Best Lingerie Store in Las Vegas” to stand out from local competition.

Create a post that asks for reviews on Facebook. Example: create a short post (with a picture) that says something like “Did you have a great experience at ABZ Bras? Share it with us by rating us and leaving a review. We’d love to hear about your experience at ABZ!”

Question of the day
We want to hear from you!
What lingerie trends are you most excited about this year?

Resources mentioned in this episode:



Moz’s Beginners Guide To SEO

Alexa’s The Secret To SEO Success

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