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Anchor Text Page URL Schema Markup and Micro formats – On Page SEO Tutorial.

How to Use Anchor Text and Page URL in On Page Optimization?

Anchor text and page URL are good on-page SEO factors to use keywords in them for effective search engine optimization. Here we are explaining how to use anchor text and page URL in on page SEO.

Anchor text: Anchor text is the clickable text in hyperlinks, which helps to send from one page to another. Hyperlink your relevant pages in all web pages and use descriptive keywords in them. Internal links and hyperlinks are very important SEO technique to improve your web page authority domain authority as well as search engine ranking.

Page URL: Page URL and page name also used in search engine result pages to display preview snippet of a web page. Page URL should have keywords in them. Never use punctuation marks and gibbering numbers in page URL.

Why Should You Have to Use Schema and Micro-Formats in a Web Page?
Schema Markup: Schema mark up is semantic vocabulary that we can insert in our web pages to notify the search engines to return more descriptive search results for users. Schema mark up is one of the hottest on page SEO activities.

It is the easiest way to boost your content in search engine result pages by using schema mark up in your web pages. There are many types of schema mark up like an article, blog post, review, news article, profile, creative work, and organization.

Microformats Markup: Microformats mark up is simple ways to describe information to a page using mostly the CSS classes. The class names are semantically affluent and describe the data they encapsulate.

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